Upgrade JSON configuration files to PHP configuration files

Since version 1.5, Pimp my Log generates a PHP configuration file instead of a JSON one.

Why this change ? Because anybody can access to this kind of URL : http://A.B.C.D/PimpMyLog/config.user.json and then can know where your log files are located on your server.

This is not really important because your server is secured but this is a private information and nobody has to know it.

Converting your JSON files to PHP version is really straightforward :

  1. change the json extension to php for config.user.json file and all files in config.user.d folder
  2. add this header in all previous files : <?php if(realpath(__FILE__)===realpath($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"])){header($_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'].' 404 Not Found');die();}?>

That's all !

This change is optional because Pimp my Log can read both formats.